Steps to Access Class Content

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You can access class content for any classes you are enrolled in. 


Video Walkthrough

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Steps to Access Class Content

1. Log into your Learner Portal and find the class under the 'Upcoming, Completed, or Missed' page.

2. Click on the class you want to review the class content. 



3. At the top right corner, click on 'View learner guide' or 'View slides'.

4. The left-hand panel has additional resources and information about the class.

  • You can also join the class directly from the 'Join class' tab. 




  • Click on this link to access the pre-class workbook.
  • Click on this link to learn how to log into your Hone platform. You don't need to remember a password, you just need access to the email address you created your Hone account.
  • You can access the class content for Hone Membership or Private classes that you enrolled in, completed, or missed. 

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