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When preparing to attend one of our DEIB Hone classes, you may have the option to complete a self-paced pre-class workbook to enhance your learning experience.

Completing the pre-class workbook is entirely optional, but we highly recommend taking advantage of this resource to get the most out of your Hone class. By completing the workbook, you'll be better prepared to engage with the material during the class and will have a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught.





Steps to Access the Pre-class Workbook

1. Log in to the Hone platform and click on the 'Upcoming' tab.

2. Navigate to your class that has pre-work.



3. Click on the link to make a copy of the pre-class workbook.Screen_Shot_2023-04-06_at_12.47.56_PM.png 


noun-info-1587161-EF4A81.png Frequently Asked Questions

  • We recommend blocking 30-45 minutes on your calendar to complete the pre-class workbook. 
  • Click on this link to learn how to log into your Hone platform. You don't need to remember a password, you just need access to the email address you created your Hone account.
  • You can access the class content for Hone Membership or Private classes that you enrolled in, completed, or missed. 

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