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Uniting Learners for a Thrilling Journey of Growth

At Hone, we believe that learning is a collective adventure—one that is made even more powerful when learners come together. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our Learning Alliance One-Pager—an engaging and fun resource designed to unite learners on a shared learning theme or goal.


Your Journey, Your Control

With Hone's Learning Alliance One-Pager, learners take the reins of their learning journey, empowering themselves to join their peers and shape their path of growth. This dynamic one-pager invites learners to set up their learning alliance, a united group working towards a central learning theme or goal.


Building Trust and Excitement

The one-pager provides step-by-step guidance, making it a breeze to establish the learning alliance. Learners can confidently choose classes that align with their shared learning theme, fostering excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead.


Accountability with a Fun Twist

But learning alliances are more than just a commitment—they're a journey of fun and camaraderie. The one-pager ensures learners stay engaged and accountable, fostering a sense of community that boosts motivation and fuels collective success.


Click the link below this image to download a PDF you can edit.

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