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Group Coaching Programs is an impactful experience to grow self-awareness and drive business performance. The program is designed for 3-8 participants who were selected by their Learning Leader. 

This article will provide information about the experience of: 

  • Individual Contributors (IC) and Managers
  • Mid and Senior-Level Managers


Learning Outcomes

  • Grow self-awareness via live coaching, peer observation, & reflection
  • Drive individual + team performance by removing obstacles and taking intentional action 
  • Learn how to apply key coaching skills (eg. GROW model, open-ended questions) to be a better coach for your team


Group Coaching for IC/Managers

Session Format (60-minute single-session)

This single session was designed for Individual Contributors or Managers who want to grow as professionals. 

The sessions are topic-centered. Topics are currently: feedback, delegation, and communication.

  • Participants are asked to come prepared with an objective.
  • Meaningful Discussions
    Participants connect with their peers in open-ended discussions, and exchange insights, strategies, and best practices that can elevate performance.
  • Observe Real World Coaching
    Participants witness first-hand how the Coach helps their peers tackle similar challenges. They will gain invaluable insights by observing the coaching process and learning from the experiences of others.


Group Coaching for Mid/Senior Managers

Program Format (4-6 session program): 

This 4-6 session program was designed for mid and senior level managers who want to explore their leadership approach and develop the capabilities to lead a high-performing team.  

Topics covered in the sessions are personal to the participants and their goals for the program. In the first session, the coach and participants will establish group norms and agreements, and provide more insight into the types of topics that would be beneficial.

  • Opening Session (60 minutes)
    Each participant will select a high-impact growth area to work on during this program
  • Coaching Sessions (90 minutes)
    Two participants receive dedicated coaching followed by group discussions to extract insights
  • Closing Session (60 minutes)
    Two participants receive dedicated coaching followed by group discussions to extract insights



  • To make the most of the learning experience and the peer coaching environment, we ask that learners arrive on time for their sessions. 
    • Once a session begins, we may not admit learners.
  • The following information is for the 4-6 session program only, 
    • A minimum of 3 enrolled participants are required to launch the program. The maximum number of participants is 8. 
    • Once the first coaching session is launched, enrollment is closed. This maintains the psychological safety needed for effective group coaching.
    • Rescheduling a missed session is not an option. 
    • Learners who miss their coaching slot may sign up to be coached at a later session within the program. 
    • Learners will receive an email a few days before the first session, providing details about what to anticipate.
  • Learners in the single-session program have the flexibility to reschedule into our Membership Group Coaching sessions.
  • To maintain the psychological safety needed for effective group coaching, participants should not be in reporting relationships with other participants.
  • Explore our Hone Membership catalog for access to Single-Session Group Coaching.
  • Click on this link to learn more about our accredited Coach Facilitators.  

Feel free to email if you have any questions about Group Coaching. 

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