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Hone Membership

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• Choose from a wide selection of classes to reinforce what you’ve learned or to learn something new
• Access additional articles and videos related to classes you’ve attended
• Connect with learners from other organizations that are also learning through Hone
• Continue to sharpen your skills with Hone’s world-class facilitators



Step 1 

Choose 3+ Hone classes to take over the next year.

• Skills you want to develop
• Topics you’re curious about
• Your development goals

See the below list of Hone Membership classes for ideas.


  • Ask Powerful Questions
  • Lead with Grit

Feedback & Conflict Management

  • Lead Compassionate Conversations
  • Identify the Right Conflict Style
  • Transform Conflict into Collaboration

Interviewing & Onboarding

  • Attract Top Talent
  • Run Effective Interviews
  • Ramp up New Hires

Strategy & Direction

  • Master the Process of Change

Execution & Productivity

  • Own Your Day
  • Meetings Mastery
  • How to do Your Best Remote Work
  • Manage Remote Teams

Communication & Collaboration

  • Collaborate in a Dynamic Workplace
  • Communicate Powerfully Around Change
  • Influence Without Authority
  • Overcome Resistance to Change

Step 2

Map out a plan to take these classes.

• Your time frame for completing the classes
• How these classes may align with upcoming work priorities (e.g., Will you be evaluating team members’ performance? Interviewing candidates?)
• Check the Hone platform for upcoming session dates




Step 3

Share your plan

Talk about it with your manager, coach or accountabillabuddy. Agree on when you'll follow up after each class to share your learning and commitment.



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