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Manager Capability Assessment

By now, you’ve experienced the magic of learning through your Hone classes. Even when the scheduled classes end, the learning continues. Here’s what happens next...

In 60 days, you and at least 3 of your peers will take a Manager Capability Assessment. Taking the assessment is an opportunity to receive feedback on behaviors changed through the learning. You’ll see how you’ve grown and be able to identify areas for further development.

Pro Tip:

Prepare for your Manager Capability Assessment by reviewing class resources to reinforce your lessons, and then practice those skills in your day-to-day.


Commitment Follow Through

Review and share your class commitments with your manager and direct reports. Conversations around commitments can happen in 1:1s for added accountability. Commitments can be viewed through the Hone platform.




Continued Learning with Membership

Hone offers over 20+ live classes each month that teach the skills needed to succeed as a leader. Dive into Hone Membership by signing up for live virtual classes that align with your interests and areas of need.


Post-Program Checklist

As the core classes in your program come to an end, use the following checklist as a guide for your post-program learning journey...

❏ Complete commitments and document what you’ve learned. Access commitments made through the platform.

Pro Tip:

Share commitments with your manager and/or direct reports for an increased sense of accountability.


Sign up for membership classes. Access to these classes is unlimited. Brush up on skills, develop new ones, and connect with others who are learning through Hone. Use this resource to guide you.

Pro Tip:

Schedule time once a month to check the membership schedule and enroll in classes of interest.


❏ Review the supplemental materials available on the Hone platform. Resources vary from class to class but may include short videos, articles, workbooks, Ted Talks, and more!

Pro Tip:

Schedule time on your calendar each week to dive into these materials


❏ Take your assessment and nominate 3 of your direct reports or colleagues to provide feedback on your growth since the core program. You will receive a report that identifies the behaviors where you’ve improved as well as diagnose areas of opportunity. You can learn more about the assessment here.

Pro Tip:

Share commitments with your manager and/or direct reports for an increased sense of accountability.



With the support of your manager:

❏ Celebrate the skills that you’ve developed
❏ Identify further areas for growth and learning
❏ Leverage membership and continue to Hone your skills


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