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Congratulations, your organization has selected you to enroll in a Hone program.


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Steps to Enroll

Click on 'Enroll Now' from the Hone email you received to start the enrollment process.

1. From your email, a new window will open. Click on 'Start Enrollment'.Screen_Shot_2023-03-30_at_12.20.14_PM.png


2. If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to enter your work email address to receive a 6-digit code. Enter the 6-digit code to log in, no password is required. sign_in.png


3. Once you have successfully logged in, click ‘Let’s go’.

  • If you receive a message 'No groups available', skip to step 7. 



4. Click 'Select' for the group that you have been assigned to or that best fits your schedule. 

5. Click 'Enroll' to complete your enrollment.



6. Congratulations! You will receive an email confirmation of your enrollment and the class calendar invite(s). 



7. If you received a message that there are ‘No Groups Available’, your organization may have registered you with a secondary email address. 

  • Log out of the Hone platform and log in with your alternative email address. 
  • Start the enrollment process from step 1 above. 



If you continue to have issues enrolling, please email support@honehq.com with your preferred primary email and our team would be happy to help.



If you have issues enrolling, please email us at support@honehq.com

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