Understanding Your Class Commitments

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What are your Hone commitments?

Hone commitments are actionable commitments you submit at the end of your live Hone class. This is a great way to recognize interesting conversations and topics or suggest feedback for future classes. Additionally, your commitment allows you to capture some immediate reflections on the class so you can review it later.


Why do Hone commitments exist?

The commitments are intended to promote continuous learning and the implementation of the actionable items covered in class. Learners are making a commitment to themselves and their colleagues that they will strive to improve.


Will the commitment success reflect my performance at work?

The Hone commitment is intended to support your growth and is NOT a performance evaluation tool.


When will I submit my commitment?

At the end of your live class session, the facilitator will share the link through the Zoom chat feature. If you are unable to submit your commitment at the end of class, you will receive a commitment reminder email approximately 24 hours after class. Please refer to this article for How to Submit Your Hone Commitment Through the Platform.


What do I do once my commitment is complete?

Congratulations! We are thrilled to hear that you have completed your commitment. This is a step in the right direction towards lifelong learning. You can continue to reference the learning materials on the platform


Who can see my commitment?

Your commitment is visible to your program facilitator and program administrator.


How long is the commitment available?

You can submit and mark your commitment as complete at any time after the corresponding class has ended. However, we encourage you to submit your commitment right after your live class session ends so the learnings are fresh!


Can you change your commitment?

You can not change your commitment.


Please reach out to support@honehq.com if you have any questions.

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