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Welcome to Hone!

We’re excited for you to start your onboarding at Hone! We’re committed to providing you with a smooth experience and will be with you every step of the way. There are 4 phases in the onboarding journey. In this guide, you will find an overview of each phase along with links to detailed information and resources. Happy learning!


Phase 1: Hone Experience

To start, this article includes information on setting up your Hone portal account and a sample Hone class content.

Hone Membership Overview

  • You can sign up for live classes anytime (click on this link here for our upcoming schedule or click below for a quick video showing how to enroll).

Use this learner guide to map out your learning journey and share your plan with your manager.

Hone Support

  • Remember, you don't have to do this alone – our Support team is an extension of your Learning Admin, and we're here to help you set up for your first Hone class. If you have any questions or need platform assistance, please email support@honehq.com.

We would love to hear which Masterclass topic you are interested in, click on this link to share your topic idea. 


Phase 2: Hone Learner Portal

We understand that getting familiar with new technology can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry – we're here with you. The resources below will walk you through your Hone experience from start to finish and where to go for platform support.

Register for a class

Visit the class content page to review the class summary, key takeaways, and additional asynchronous resources.

 Log into your Hone account

 Join a class

 Reschedule a class

 Share your feedback and make commitments

If you have any questions regarding Hone or need technical support, please email support@honehq.com.


Phase 3: Pre-Class Preparation

As your day fills up with meetings and work tasks, we recommend blocking 5-10 minutes to prepare to be fully present and engaged in class.

Technology Check

  • Hone classes are facilitated through Zoom Video Conferencing. Active participation with both camera and audio is required. Click this link to test your Zoom audio and microphone.

Class Checklist

  • Preparation is key to fully experiencing our live online class alongside your peers and meeting colleagues you may not interact with daily. Click this link for the checklist.

Join a class

  • Welcome! We are excited to host you in your upcoming live class session. You have the capability to join your live class session through the calendar invitation you received or your learner platform. Lastly, here are the instructions on how to join a class from your browser should you have trouble logging into Zoom.


Phase 4: Post-Class Experience

The learning never stops with Hone! As your program concludes, you will continue to have access to tools and resources available through the Hone portal.

We would love to hear which Masterclass topic you are interested in, click on this link to share your topic idea.

If you are interested in having a private cohort for your organization, reach out to your learning admin to learn more.

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